Why Plumbing And Fire Protection Contractors Call ProActive

Do you need a Backflow Testing Specialist to service your client base?

Why choose ProActive to represent your company?

The simple answer:

We’re as dedicated to our own backflow clients as you are to your plumbing and fire protection clients, and YOU are our client!

We will work directly with you to arrange a testing schedule that does not disrupt your customers’ businesses, all invoicing and quotes will be sent directly to you for dispersal to your clients, and you can trust ProActive personnel to be thoroughly professional with your clients and any on-site contacts.

At ProActive Water Solutions, we only provide backflow prevention services. Although we are licensed and highly skilled plumbers, we don’t handle common plumbing repairs, clear clogged drains, and we do not install any type of plumbing systems other than those connected to backflow prevention devices.

Your clients are going to remain your clients, with one less headache and they’ll love you for it.

Our up-front pricing is standard and all-inclusive. No matter the size of the device. No matter where it’s located in the province. There are no hidden fees to factor in when you include our testing services with your quoted projects. If repairs are required those are always quoted to you in writing.

Did you know there are more than 50 different report forms associated with backflow prevention throughout Ontario municipalities with existing bylaws and that some municipalities charge an associated fee for backflow paperwork that is payable at submission?  Were you aware that certain municipalities require specific test tags be affixed to the backflow devices at each test (and that some of these tags expire after a certain number of years)?

Do your plumbers have the time to make sure they have the proper reports submitted to the proper office within the proper time frame with all the pertinent information required for each individual bylaw?  How about the time and expense spent to arrange for backflow inspections on new installations?

Not to mention, as an employer do you have the time to spare your employees to attend the mandatory training recertification required and information seminars?  How about purchasing the necessary testing equipment that needs annual calibration, updates and repairs?

We don’t just complete the paperwork and send it in to the applicable municipality, all backflow records are kept in paper and electronic format for a minimum of 7 years.

Backflow prevention testing is an annual requirement. Some municipalities have static due dates. Others change based on the previous year’s test date. We will send you an annual email reminder BEFORE your clients’ properties come due to avoid those nasty government reminder letters.

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