Did You Receive Your Backflow Bylaw Compliance Letter?

Did you? If you own a property in one of over 50 different Ontario municipalities we’re sure that you’ve received at least one of these letters.

No. You’re not being picked on or singled out. There’s actually a decisive and critical reason that letter got delivered to you:  To assist in protecting our safe municipal drinking water.

Backflow and Cross Connection bylaws can be a very challenging thing for property owners to deal with. You’re getting instructions from a local government to address provisions within a municipal bylaw that you may or may not even be aware exists. The worst part is that some of these letters prescribe quite costly fines and legal action if the letter goes unanswered.

The single greatest service that the ProActive team members provide to every single one of our clients regardless of which Ontario municipality their properties happen to be in:

We make the letters go away!

Not by ignoring the letter. Not by selling you things that you do not need. We only give you what you need to comply. As long as you’re our client we ensure that any backflow installations, cross connection control surveys, and annual backflow testing and repairs are carried out BEFORE any municipality starts chasing our clients with these letters. We ensure your ongoing bylaw compliance by being the best at what we do. It doesn’t matter if we’re providing our unique brand of services to a property manager, directly to the owner, to a REIT, or even third-party through another contractor.

There’s a reason that we’re the #1 backflow prevention service provider in the province of Ontario:

We’re ProActive!

Whether your property is in Toronto, Markham, Halton Region, Peel Region, or even in Kitchener, Peterborough, or Kingston, when you open the mail and find one of these backflow compliance letters laying open in front of you and you need the problem to go away, just send it to us.

You’ll be happy that you did.