As part of our commitment to our community, the ProActive team members are involved in the following organizations

Ontario Water Works Association

Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) is a voluntary organization of water professionals, dedicated to protecting public health through the delivery of safe, sufficient, and sustainable drinking water in Ontario. The Ontario Water Works Association provides leadership in water management through education, innovation, continual improvements in customer relations, science and technology, and by participating in the development of government policy.

All ProActive team members have the OWWA Cross Connection Control certification. Our General Manager Murray E. McDowall is the current Chair of the OWWA Cross Connection Control Committee and a member of the Canadian Cross Connection Control Coordinating Committee. In addition to endorsing certified OWWA backflow testers, Murray continues his efforts to develop a National CCC Surveyors course and is among the leaders in backflow prevention in Ontario.

Ontario Backflow Prevention Association

The Ontario Backflow Prevention Association (OBPA) was a non-profit organization comprised of professionals dedicated to protecting Ontario’s drinking water quality through education and technical assistance, and was committed to advancing all aspects of backflow prevention for the continued protection of all water users.

The team members at ProActive have always played an active role in the advancement of public education and continue to do so.