At ProActive, the Survey is the first step in keeping your drinking water safe. We will provide a confidential report of all findings from the survey inspection to you. Our survey reports remain “your eyes only” until you direct us otherwise.

When you are responsible for any property, and the people that may use water at it, a survey is a critical component to ensure ongoing health and safety of water consumers.

Many HACCP certified food production facilities already depend on our survey services, as well as health care, manufacturing, and even large-scale residential properties.

Included in your survey:

  • A fully licensed Cross Connection Control Specialist, fully trained and skilled at the location and identification of undesired connections between safe drinking water and drinking water hazards;
  • A detailed, written survey report that clearly documents the hazards located and quickly summarizes any corrective actions required;
  • Information required to fill out all municipal survey documentation and reports required under a local bylaw;
  • Identification and recommendations to correct any existing cross connection hazards located;
  • Electronic paperwork submissions for your records and to appropriate government bylaw officials when required;

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