Large companies and cities that have multiple facilities or facilities in multiple areas have increased organizational challenges. We at Proactive work with many of the Ontario’s top companies and property owners, we have been successful in creating a user friendly scalable document management system to track all facilities with respect to backflow prevention and the unique individual backflow prevention related requirements.

If you are responsible for your organization’s backflow prevention program or you are with an organization that you think could benefit from a scalable backflow prevention program system we are the company you need to call. If you are responsible for managing properties and are looking for a competitive advantage over your peers, managing a backflow program may be for you.

Our systems will ensure your success. Making you look good is an added value of our service we just can’t promote enough.

At ProActive we will help you determine the best way to manage the water protection requirements for all your facilities within your budget.

Our programs can include:

  • Surveying or inspecting all facilities to determine their current situation and needs
  • Establishing schedules to install and maintain backflow devices
  • Setting up systems to track the status of each backflow device
  • Arranging a testing process to ensure the appropriate tests are conducted on each device every year
  • Once your Cross Connection Control Program is set up, ProActive can help to implement the various components and perform the work required. This is scalable program that can reach all of North America and beyond.

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