Your Health and Water Safety Matters

We remain open and fully operational and have implemented safety measures in compliance with the federal, provincial and municipal governments. All of our technicians follow the official safety guidelines and wear proper PPE to ensure the work is done in a safe, efficient manner when on job sites. We understand these times are difficult and stressful for many and continually aim to reduce your stress by dealing with the municipalities directly, so you don’t have to. Through this time we continue to adapt and remain ProActive!

The team at ProActive understands that everyone in Ontario is adapting to the ongoing public health challenges surrounding the Covid-19 crisis.  We would like to reassure you that protecting and maintaining our drinking water systems has been deemed an essential service by the province. In fact, many of our clients have already deemed our backflow prevention services of critical importance because they have employees and/or tenants within their buildings that must be assured safe drinking water from their faucets. The importance of protecting the quality of our drinking water cannot be overstated.