Planning a construction project, adding a production line or getting ready for an alteration to your existing plumbing system? Consider Proactive Water Solutions Inc. for your design and project management needs. Considering your plumbing requirements and the potential water protection hazards before you start construction can greatly reduce the costs incurred for cross connection control now and in the long run. Our consultants at ProActive can review designs and advise your engineers and contractors about the best way to handle the backflow prevention requirements for your facility today and in the foreseeable future. Our experience with all plumbing systems installation, maintenance and alteration gives our clients the needed information and confidence that makes sense when factoring cross connection control at the beginning of the design process. Adding backflow after the fact often is the most expensive solution long term.

Along with our review and recommendations we can also oversee the project to ensure the work is completed in an efficient and timely manner. A pre-construction consultation with ProActive can prevent many different costly omissions and reduce additional charges to your project after completion.

With a logical, no-nonsense approach to backflow prevention and plumbing systems, ProActive identifies potential problems before systems are installed and saves you the cost and hassle of correcting issues post-production. As required, we can provide extensive services such as examining drawings and meeting with engineers and contractors to ensure that everyone involved understands the proper CSA standards and local codes and that the job is completely correctly.

Through our Consulting Services we can also assist Risk Management Officials, Product Quality Assurance Inspectors, and Health & Safety Committees in controlling the cross connections within the facility. Identifying cross connection control reduces the risk of contamination affecting the facilities water quality, benefiting employee & visitor health as well as manufacturing processes within the facility. The city knows of the risk and has mandated you protect the public water system they provide, our services will ensure you protect the water within your facility that you provide.

Our documentation service is a key element to assist in facility audits, such as;

  • I.S.O. 14001,
  • H.A.C.C.P., or
  • Internal audits ordered by parent companies and shareholders

Contact Us! To stop hazardous cross connections BEFORE they happen.